Can't Someone Else Write/Host/Deploy My CRUD Application?

by chromatic

cross-posted from my ONLamp weblog for those who didn't see it there

I prefer programming to administering systems--so much so that if there's a way for me to avoid deploying software or running backups or installing software, I'll take it. Hey, if I can avoid administering my own database, so much the better!

I also prefer re-using existing software to writing my own, mostly. If someone else has already built something I can use trivially, great!

What happens when you combine those two concepts?

My colleague Tony Stubblebine, who you may remember used to be a senior software developer here at O'Reilly, recently went to a Salesforce conference. Their AppExchange program caught his attention, and he twisted our arms into publishing a three-part series on building your own hosted applications with AppExchange.

I used to work for a dot-com that had a very similar idea back in 1998, but ours never took off. It's nice to see that the idea, at least, was worthwhile. Even if you're not in the business of writing hosted business software, the development and deployment and business models are very interesting.