Captioning Pictures

by James Duncan Davidson

Without a doubt, the most tedious activity for me in processing a shoot is applying keywords and writing captions. There's magic in the develop module when you make a photo the best it can be. And the process of ranking and finding the best images in a shoot is one of discovery. But the act of applying keywords and writing a title and caption is just plain work. Yet, it's very important work. It's how you'll find pictures in your archives in the coming years in your library. If you distribute your images, it's how other people will know who is in your photos and where they were taken. And, if you do things right, once you've titled and captioned a picture, you'll never have to do it again. Wherever your images go, the title, keywords, and caption will follow and be presented along with your photograph.


2007-05-14 08:34:50
Great! Thank you for the "using the Grid mode to apply metadata to multiple photos at once" tip!

I couldn't find this information anywhere.