Catching the wave of XQuery

by Jonathan Bruce

Congratulations to Jonathan Robie who has I think deservedly, has been regonized for his dogged determination to see through an epic specification effort at the W3C.

Here's a pic below...

As a friend and a colleague of Jonathan, perhaps I am biased but I recognize that his efforts in getting XQuery this far where nothing short of herculean. He is one of the key people responsible for for spawning what are now significant activties in organizations such as my own, DataDirect Technologies but also the gorilla types including Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. No word on what Google is up to yet, but I have to imagine they are closely watching a standard that gives new meaning to querying data.

So let me congratulate Jonathan on his Infoworld Innvotator Award. But I'm not sure the industry you helped create is going to let you sleep much in the next year or so. With the burgeoning XQuery update specification, I suspect we will all be keeping you very busy!