Caution! Watch for Falling Competitors!

by Steve Mallett

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Borland is open sourcing their Java IDE product, JBuilder.

Why?: "surprise drop in first-quarter sales."

In other words the competition is killing them in this space. Who's the competition? Eclipse.

As more and more open source applications creep up the enterprise stack (JBuilder was really up there in terms of serious, enterprise-type developers) will we begin to see more proprietary software idols fall on hard times? You betcha.

Though I do sympathize with Borland on losing product revenue I do applaud them with taking this defeat gracefully. They're open sourcing the code and contributing it to Eclipse. Current customers are not abandoned for having supported them. Bravo!

And now for the future....

Borland also says that they're going to work on an "enhanced version". Is this a mixed blessing for Borland? By refocusing on innovating will they make as much money as they once did selling core features? Perhaps they should move on to innovating entirely new products? What say you?