CD Baby awards free RailsConf registrations+hotel to top 20 contributors to Rails

by Derek Sivers

You've probably heard that RailsConf 2007 will be May 17-20 in Portland, Oregon.

Since my company CD Baby depends on Rails, and since we're based in Portland, I decided to spend some company money to reward the people that MAKE Rails. Not just the ones who invented it, but the people who are actively improving it by contributing patches to Rails code.

* - We bought 20 full RailsConf registrations from O'Reilly. ($800 value)

* - We pre-paid for 20 rooms at the Jupiter Hotel, an incrediby cool funky modern hotel, a few blocks from the conference, with free wi-fi everywhere - for three nights : May 17, 18, 19 (a $300 value)

* - We reserved the DreamBox conference room at the Jupiter Hotel for the nights of May 17, 18, 19, for elite Rails hackers to gather, plug in, hack, eat, drink, etc. (priceless)

These 20 registrations, 20 hotel rooms, and access to the DreamBox will go to the top 20 contributors of Rails patches (as measured here) between January 1 and January 22!

(RailsConf is opening registration soon after January 22 - that's why we have to make the Jan 22 cutoff date.)

In other words : if you want CD Baby to save you $1100 on RailsConf, sprint!

If you're not already signed up at, sign up now. In your workingwithrails profile, mark yourself as a core contributor and enter your Trac username. Then all of your patches will be linked to your account.

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Also see Jeremy's announcement at

UPDATE : winners announced here


2007-01-09 16:30:22
How many points for creating tests for a ticket that is "resolution: untested"? (such as #2941 - sqlite migration create_table problem)
Derek at CD Baby
2007-01-24 07:27:01
smeade : sorry I didn't see your comment earlier. I don't know the answer.
2007-11-22 16:19:22