CDF: The common format you've never heard of

by Kurt Cagle

Quick! Do you use the Compound Document Format?! You, know, CDF ... surely you use CDF, right?

Chances are pretty good that you have no idea about what I'm talking about. Everyone knows Microsoft's word document format and Adobe's PDF, chances are pretty good that if you're reading this on you've heard of ODF and OOXML, especially after the fairly rancorous discussions about ISO status for these two formats. Yet CDF, hmmmm ... that's a rough one. Didn't it belong to Corel, once upon a time?


2007-11-30 04:18:53
Interesting what you say about books from HTML and CSS. Just a couple of days ago I watched an interesting video of Opera's founder Håkon Wium Lie (and the guy who originally proposed CSS) give a presentation with Michael Day of PrinceXml on creating high quality PDFs with HTML and CSS:

If I remember right, Håkon Wium Lie said his next edition of one of his books was going to be written this way.

I have certainly used some of the printing capabilities available in CSS where possible (e.g. Firefox and Opera), but this PrinceXml thing took it a lot further, implementing/supporting CSS 3, showing the potential for all this stuff.

Kurt Cagle
2007-11-30 10:42:57
In a previous lifetime, I built a publishing system for a (tiny) e-book publisher that used XHTML and CSS as the basis for both the web and the PDF versions of the books. In all honesty, its not all that much worse (and in some respects better) in terms of support compared to XSL-FO or related work - the biggest difficulty being controlling multi-columnar flow across pages, especially if you're using CSS 3.0 tags. The biggest problem is supporting metadata below the document level, but creative use of tagging can get you a long way there.
Michael Day
2007-12-01 15:13:40
Actually Anup, the third edition of Håkon and Bert's book, published in 2005, was written in HTML/CSS and printed from a PDF file created by Prince :)
2008-07-02 22:04:42
i want a list of social bookmarking websites with their format.
such as
where i can find it?
i want to use it for adding to some dynamic pages.