Celebrating Camino 1.0

by Giles Turnbull

Camino is out of beta and if you don't use it already, it's high time you did.

For those of you who haven't discovered the joys of Camino already, allow me to spell them out.

Camino is rock-solid, dependable like no other browser I have used (and I've used a lot of browsers). It feels right, it's Cocoa, and it was built from the outset to be a native OS X application. Many of the internals share roots with Firefox, but the external wrappings and the interface are Mac and nothing but Mac; Camino is not a port of Firefox, it's an entirely separate beast.


2006-02-14 15:15:33
Rock-solid, eh? Well within minutes of starting it, lo, it freezes for about 3 minutes.

Also, some might be against that ad block because it is often the only source of revenue for a web site, and if enough people do block ads then sites will be forced to find another method such as a subscription service, which I know people wouldn't be very happy about.

Camino seems much faster than Safari, though, which is a big plus.

I'll be sure to try it out for a bit at least.

2006-02-14 15:24:53
yes, camino rocks. been using it since it was 0.3 and i'm glad it's finally out of beta. hopefully more will see how fantastic this app is. faster than safari, more elegant than firefox. keychain support...has that mac feel and look about it.
2006-02-14 16:19:07
I feel bad if I block all ads. Presumably, someone has to pay the bills. So, I just use CamiFlash to block flash ads. They're the only really annoying ones anyway.
2006-02-14 18:15:18
Camino is the best browser in the world. In every way it just feels right. It's almost like an extension of my own body. However, I had almost completely switched to Camino, but then I installed Safari Stand and now I find I am using Safari again about 90% of the time. Now browsing without Safari Stand makes me feel like I'm browsing without Tabs. I just can't live without it now that I have it. I wish someone would make a CamiStand!!! If I knew how I'd do it myself. If anyone out there knows of a CamiStand or a bunch of plugins that combined together offers the same capabilities as Safari Stand PLEASE TELL ME!
2006-02-14 21:44:05
With two fully loaded tabs open (http://edition.cnn.com/, http://www.nationmultimedia.com/index.php) Camino is consuming 70%+ of the CPU. What's with that?

737 Camino 73.2% 1:22.01 7 116 455 34.6M+ 35.5M 51.8M+ 237M

With only those same two tabs open Safari consumes less than 5%:

746 Safari 9.6% 0:13.10 6 130 350 18.7M+ 28.8M- 48.4M+ 229M-

2006-02-15 01:16:40
I've been playin' with Camino since the very early days, way back when. While there's some nice touches, there's always been the odd one or two things that've just forced me back to Firefox and Safari. For one, the saved passwords and auto-fill features just refuse to work properly. The in-page search doesn't work the same way as in Firefox, even those the developers are insistent that it does! Maybe I'm waiting for version 2...
2006-02-15 02:38:41
Camino, I feel, is better than Firefox but it lacks 2 major features for me that mean that I continue to use Safari as my primary browser.

1. No RSS support. Firefox's support is passable but both Safari and now IE 7 implement a very useful reader.

2. No version of Inquisitor at the moment.

Aside from that I have nothing against Camino but then it doesn't appear to do anything more than Safari and for this reason I only fall back on it if/when I encounter a rendering problem.

2006-02-15 04:09:13
I agree with Kelmon.

The only thing that keeps me from switching definitively to Camino is the lack of a RSS reader like the one in Safari. I Just prefer to have my RSS feeds in the same app that I use to browse around!

2006-02-15 10:11:29
I have been using Cameo since it became a beta and it is, indeed, the best I have used, Mac and PC, over the years. The page display is really great, ad blocking makes research and reading articles a lot less distracting, and as for it causing sites to lose ad revenue, that is pretty far fetched . . . this is a Mac only product . . . and the Mac percentage v/s PC users is tiny. If you aren't using Cameo, rush to your nearest download and CLICK!!
Devil's advocate
2006-05-04 14:46:13
Yeah! Let's rob O'Reilly of ad revenue! Who do they think they are trying to give us quality content for free?