Chain of Production Meme from MacWorld

by Steve Mallett

Not wishing to subject myself to trying to watch Steve Job's keynote over the net I've been catching up with MacWorld news from the blogosphere.

Aside from the minis one thing that struck me hard is the meme that formed out of the KeyNote: Apple computers are for people who produce.

I can't tell if that came out of Job's mouth or from commentators, but that simple statement is catching on like a brushfire.

I saw it first from Daring Fireball, and now that Doc's nailed it.. she's gonna blow.

The implication here is that while folks have bemoaned Apple's market share, it is irrelevant to their business strategy. Niches are all about having a your own piece of a market, not the whole thing. So let's divide up the market in this new meme: Producers, Delivery, and Comsumption.

Reality certainly isn't as clean as i'm about to suggest, but isn't [Production -> Delivery -> Comsumption] a neat parallel to [Mac -> Linux -> Windows]?

I wonder what Apple's marketshare of people who produce consumable goods is?

I know life's not totally like that, but do you have any further thoughts on my generalization?


2004-01-07 08:59:33
Another addition to the Museum of Stupid Marketing
Apple's latest ad for ilife is a grand example of very stupid marketing.

"It's like Microsoft Office for the rest of your life" sounds more like a prison sentence than an endorsement

2004-01-07 12:39:02
That's exactly the phrase I've been looking for! Good stuff.
2004-01-07 18:09:18
even for intellectuals
Three out of three of the nobel laureates I know (all in physics) use OS X.
2004-01-08 08:55:14
Somewhere I saw this T-Shirt:

"Mac for Productivity
Linux for Development
Windows for Solitaire"

Doesn't that sum it up nicely..?

2004-02-24 15:31:25
Another addition to the Museum of Stupid Marketing
I can just say "it's sad"... we can do nothing with this.

2006-09-08 03:53:16
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