Changes to iPod line-up

by Giles Turnbull

Apple today announced a fresh line-up of iPod products, although not the Bluetooth-enabled models some people might have been hoping for.

In short, the new products are:

  • Second generation iPod mini, now in new colors. Available with 4GB or 6GB disks. 18 hour battery life. USB power recharging.

  • Slimmer iPod photo models at 30GB and 60GB. Both suitable for use with the forthcoming iPod Camera Connector (see below)

  • iPod Camera Connector announced -- not available until March. This cheap (19 UK pounds -- about 30 US dollars) gadget allows digital photographers to archive full-size images to their iPods while on the move, for transfer to computer later.

The 40GB iPod and the yellow iPod mini have disappeared.

The new color iPod minis now have matching icons on the clickwheel and a matching armband, iPod shuffle style.

Of all of today's announcements, the Camera Connector sounds like the most interesting -- certainly a dream come true for a lot of photographers, professional and amateur.

Anyone who bought an iPod mini in the last couple of weeks, rant here


2005-02-25 08:19:41
iPod price "reduction"
What is this fake price "reduction" that no one seems to have called Apple on. The 4GB iPod mini is reduced by $50 but requires $48 in additional accesories to get back to the previous package contents! Okay, that's $2 off. Still, looks more like a shell game and could cost consumers who don't notice and then have to buy and ship cables and charger separately. 6GB device is actually then $48 MORE than the old 4GB though list price makes it appear the same.

OTOH I like the new iPod photos and the camera connector and will probably buy one as soon as the unit is available in March.

2006-06-03 08:36:08
Is there a 3rd generation mini ipod that is even skinnier than the 2nd generation mini ipod, because I've only seen one like it on ebay and have not been able to find one since. thanks for any help.