Cheap hotels have better internet

by brian d foy

Last week I was on the road, and pleased to find out that my hotel, the Hampton Inn, has free wireless access. I only needed a username and password which I got from the front desk.


I happened to be working at the same place Eric Meyer was that week, but he was staying at a slightly more upscale hotel. He had high-speed, but wired, access.

All of a sudden the less expensive hotels have a huge advantage over the fancier ones. The cheaper hotels never laid out the money to wire all their rooms with cables and ports and all of the tangible stuff that it takes to create a wired network. A third party company adds wireless access to the hotel for much less expense.

On the other hand, the hotels with the cash wired themselves, and now they are stuck with a huge sunk cost. They already spent the money for the wires, so why spend even more money for the wireless?

The little guys get to leapfrog the big guys by skipping a generation, much like how some countries avoided the mess of a land-line phone market by embracing cellular (and even going for the more advanced cellular technologies, too).

(You can check other hotels through Plugged Inns which tracks which hotels have wireless access.)