Check Out O'Reilly Network eDocuments

by Bruce Stewart

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We've just launched a new line of O'Reilly Network eDocuments -- affordable, downloadable PDFs of premium O'Reilly Network content.

Our eDocuments will range from collections of related O'Reilly Network articles to in-depth and timely treatments of topics that fall somewhere between an article and a book. O'Reilly's eDocuments are available in PDF format with no restrictions on the ability to save, copy, or print these documents. You can instantly download the PDF from your O'Reilly account management page once you've purchased it online, and permanent links to all the PDFs you purchase will remain available to you there indefinitely. If you need to access the information when you're traveling or away from your normal computer, no problem, just visit your O'Reilly account page and grab it again.

We're starting out covering topics like digital media, Java vs. .NET security, and Web Services. Visit to see our first batch of offerings, and check back often as we'll be adding new titles regularly.

We welcome your feedback on these new products. Please feel free to drop me an email or comment at the bottom of this weblog with your thoughts about PDF-based eDocuments and any ideas you have for topics you'd like to see us cover in this format.

Please let us know what you think about our new eDocuments.


mike baas
2004-06-24 09:16:36
eDocuments available on Safari
Are these eDocuments also soon to be available to Safari subscribers?


mike baas
2004-06-24 09:17:04
RSS Feed for eDocuments
Is there also going to be an RSS feed available for when these eDocuments get updated?
2004-06-24 09:57:30
RSS Feed for eDocuments
Yes, there will be a specific RSS feed just for our new eDocuments created in the near future. You'll see the standard orange XML RSS box on that page when that has been implemented. We already have an RSS feed for all new O'Reilly titles, which will include these eDocuments at
2004-06-24 10:18:17
eDocuments available on Safari
We're currently evaluating this possibility. Thanks for the feedback.
2004-06-24 11:34:45
bring this together with safari
I'd really love to purchase individual chapters from books this way.

Often its only excerpts from books I'm interested in . . . I cancled my safari subscription because I was having a hard time paying the monthly fee for things I wasn't necessarily looking at on a monthly basis. I felt leeched in the name of reoccuring monthly revenue.

I'd much rather have a safari like account where the things I add to my library I'm flat out licensed for indefinitely!!! Why limit this to just these small selections?

2004-06-25 03:14:22
I'm Not Sure I Understand
Are these the same articles you can find in the archives of such topics as "MacDevCenter", or are these new articles that aren't showing up on the "O'Reilly Network"?

If these are from the archives, wouldn't it be cheaper to just copy them from from the web page?


2004-06-25 08:53:14
I'm Not Sure I Understand
Our current eDocuments that are titled "Collections" are groups of related articles that can currently be found in our O'Reilly Network archives and read online for free. Our editors have selected the article groupings that will fit together especially well, added some introductory material, and we've packeaged these in an easy-to-read and print format.

We're hoping these will appeal to people who don't have the time to sift thru the large amount of material available online, appreciate our editor's selections of relevant articles, and prefer a clean PDF version. We believe the low cost of these eDocuemnt collections will make it worth your while if the topic is something important to you.

We'll also be doing lots of eDocuments that aren't based on material that is freely available on the Web. Stay tuned for more in-depth tutorials and first looks at new technologies from our eDocuemnt program.

2004-06-25 22:49:01
Not Interesting
I don't think I would buy this product, based on the table of contents.
2004-07-12 12:00:05
bring this together with safari
If I'm not mistaken and read the blurb correctly, you can do that with Safari Max.
2004-07-20 06:34:21
bring this together with safari
I'd also like to be able to purchase individual chapters from books this way.

Although personally I'm a very happy Safari user, I often decide against "wasting" a Safari book slot on a text that I'll only want a single chapter from. If I could instead apply one of my download tokens to the chapter in question I'd be an even happier bunny than I currently am - and I'd probably shell out for additional download tokens.

Is this something O'Reilly would consider ?