Chris' WWDC 2006 Wish-List

by Chris Adamson

It's the night before the WWDC 2006 Steve-note, and for a second straight year, the rumor sites have virtually nothing...


2006-08-06 21:49:56
Uh ... I think they've already clarified the status of OpenDarwin. What's already out is all there's ever gonna be. A pity, but my perception is that they feel they need to do this to prevent hacks to allow future versions of OS X to run on non-Mac hardware.

For my own wish list, I too would like to see some illumination of the options problems -- but I think that the legal staff will be keeping us all in the dark until they have their response nailed down. I believe they are working on fixing this as fast as humanly possible.

I would also like to see a filled-out iWork, with spreadsheet and database aspects, something that could functionally replace AppleWorks, that existing AppleWorks users would happily embrace.

And an across-the-board switch from Core to Core 2 processors, in *all* Macs, making the Macintosh a 64-bit machine across the board.

I'd like to see some more rapid progress in putting feature-length films into the iTMS framework -- they bought that Newark data center from MCI for a purpose, they oughta get on with it. Surely a video distribution facility was what that's all about, IMHO.

Robert Sharl
2006-08-07 08:46:44
I'd like to see some telephony features of Leopard previewed, if only as a teaser for the consumer wifi videophone/airport product that I think we'll be getting (instead of a cellphone). I'd like also to see .mac replaced with a serious, reliable offering that doesn't try to do things that are done better elsewhere, but focuses on the things Apple really can do well.
2006-08-07 08:54:41
I think the options issues are not appropriate for this venue, I think your other ideas are "out there"...