Christmas, er, Macworld Comes But Once a Year?

by Chuck Toporek

According to this report on Mac Daily News, the formerly twice a year Macworld conference will happen just once a San January.

There's been much speculation lately about what would happen with Macworld NY after the dismal attendance there last month. Next year, the conference was to move to Boston, but that was squashed last week. Now this.

Seems like they've realized that the big draw to Macworld is Steve Jobs and his keynote, which he's reportedly made clear he'll only do once a year. In San Francisco.

Seems like the Bay Area will be the place to be in 2004 for Mac conferences:

  • Macworld (January)

  • WWDC (May or June?)

  • MOSXCon (October?)

Well, that and little ol' Dearborn, MI for MacHack. ;^)

What's your take on IDGs decision to make Macworld a once-a-year event? What about the other Mac conferences, including our own; what are you planning to attend and why?


2003-08-12 10:31:11
Annual Mac World
It would seem to me that the timing could not be worse. Talk about a Christmas sales killer.
2003-08-12 10:40:24
re: Annual Mac World
How so?
2003-08-12 11:14:49
Confirms worst fear about Apple
So, Apple depends on Steve Jobs far more than I think they should. Does Apple have a plan for when Steve decides to retire? Or is the Mac dead after that day?