Cingular offers wireless ticker service for phones to drive data services

by Todd Ogasawara

Cingular announced the MEdia Net Live Ticker service that pushes breaking news, weather and sports information to the phone's display.

Press Release: Cingular's MEdia Net Simplifies the Wireless Internet Experience by Providing Breakthrough Levels of Personalization for More Than 30 Million Customers and Introduces MEdia Net Live Ticke

The press release says
MEdia Net Live Ticker provides zero-click access to specific personalized headlines and content. Information rolling across the "ticker" at the bottom of the phone display is updated automatically several times daily to keep consumers current with their favorite news, weather, sports and entertainment content; all without pressing a button. MEdia Net Live Ticker updates in the background when the phone is idle and does not disrupt the phone's normal usage.

Reuters/CNET: Cingular revamps wireless Net services

I have a news push service on my MSN Direct SPOT watch...

MSN Direct (SPOT Watch)

...and find it very useful (useful enough to pay a yearly fee for the service).

If you don't already have a data plan for your phone, does a service like this interest you enough to add one?