Cingular Warms to VoIP?

by Bruce Stewart

Andy Abramson points out this interesting tidbit coming out of the Yankee Group's Wireless Leadership Decision Summit in New York. Cingular's CTO Kristin Rinne made comments during a keynote that implied they will not try and block their customers from making VoIP calls over their high-speed UMTS/HSDPA wireless data network. Rinne sounds guarded about VoIP over 3G, but he reportedly did say that the carrier doesn't have a problem with customers using VoIP on its network. Though Rinne added that Cingular would be more comfortable with the technology if it could guarantee quality and figure out a way to bill for these services. That sounds like a bit of double-speak, as obviously Cingular is already getting money from its customers for this kind of high-speed data access.

Andy also points out that these comments come right on the heels of the news that Time Warner Cable and Sprint are getting ready to roll out their own Fixed Mobile Convergence systems, and predicts that we're not far from "phones that work on both cellular networks and WiFi will have one number and calls will continue as you roam from Cellular to WiFi or in the other direction." I'm ready.