CIO Magazine on Your Open Source Strategy

by Steve Mallett

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An excellent report on Open Source from the magazine CIO was brought to my attention over the weekend. for anyone with a doubtful CIO you may want to send him/her a copy of this.

The executive summary:
The open-source movement is helping turn significant chunks of the IT infrastructure into commodities by offering free alternatives to proprietary software. The promise of the past several years has begun to materialize as one by one the hurdles to open-source adoption have dropped away. Major enterprises are running mission-critical functions on open-source IT. Big vendors have lined up to support it or port their applications to it. CIOs who have implemented it report significant reductions in total cost of ownership. Our conclusion? CIOs who don't come to terms with this revolution in 2003 will be paying too much for IT in 2004. To avoid getting stung, CIOs should pursue as least some components of this 2003 open-source agenda: Get your feet wet with relatively low-risk Internet applications. Investigate the new support offerings from Dell, IBM, Sun and others. Start replacing proprietary Unix hardware with less costly Intel systems running Linux. Standardize infrastructure, including Web servers and desktop systems. The more daring will move enterprise level apps like SAP to Linux platforms.

The rest of the article only gets better. It is perfectly tuned for your CIO.