Citrix Acquires XenSource

by M. David Peterson

From a recent email, it seems the rumors that Citrix will be acquiring XenSource have come to pass, an acquisition reported to be around 500 million. From an open source university research project to a commercial endeavor started up just over a year ago to a 500 million dollar acquisition? That's not to shabby!

Of course you can't help but assume that Microsoft's partnership with XenSource from a while back helped propel this acquisition into fruition. And coupled with Citrix's focus on the Windows desktop and application delivery (primarily through their terminal delivery mechanism) you can't help making speculations that MSFT will be given more than enough reasons to place their sights on making a little acquisition of their own. XenSource in and of itself wouldn't present enough of an advantage to MSFT given they already have VirtualPC/Server. But take the install base of Citrix and couple that with the advantages that Xen provides over and above that of VPC/S and you have what can only be seen as something that may just be a little too tempting for MSFT not to take a long hard look at.

Guess time will tell, but in the mean time,