Classic case for recruitment by the Soviets.

by Robert Daeley

Next in an occasional series[1] on creating a full-screen writing environment is an article by Merlin Mann over at 43 Folders: Open Thread: Developing for Full Screen Mode? Here's his summary of what it's all about:

Essentially, it temporarily hobbles your maddeningly versatile Mac into a machine for doing exactly one thing, being whatever is appearing in your single Full Screen window. And you might be amazed what a nice thing that can be sometimes.

Merlin asks what is involved in giving a Cocoa application the ability to take over the screen. There are some informative technical responses in the comments about how one would do this with a Cocoa app, which you should check out for direction if you're interested in adding this capability to yours.

In addition to the X11+window manager idea I mentioned in this space previously, there was a pointer to this thread on ArsTechnica regarding the fun GLTerminal, which allows you to create a nifty "Wargames"-style terminal environment. (GLTerminal should not be mistaken for GLTerm, a different beast altogether.)

[1] See Full Screen Text Editing and GUI Schmooey