Click Control

by Steve Simon

With most software programs for those not blessed with a photographic memory, it’s a matter of use it or lose it. As photographers we constantly take pictures, but even if I’ve been away from the camera for a short while I tend to forget certain shortcuts that I might have used previously.

The Control-Click options in Aperture are many and powerful and can speed things up during a long post processing session.

By Control-Clicking on a picture, a range of options are available to you (see below) from rating, deleting and export to updating previews or summoning the loupe.


If you Control-Click on a project, you can create new books and albums for that project, delete, import, export, relocate or consolidate masters or start a slideshow.

ControlClick Project.jpg

It’s just one more way to speed things up and make you a more savvy Aperture user.

I’m hoping to see and meet Inside Aperture viewers and bloggers at this week’s PhotoPlus Expo in New York. You might find me at the booth on the show floor.


Francois Couderc
2007-10-18 10:41:00
It looks like there is nothing more to write about Aperture... by the way, mouses have now a right button you can use instead of ctrl+click.

Most of the posts are just so borrowing after all or talk about anything but aperture (just look at the last two weeks articles).

I think Ben Long is the only interessant writer left on your blog...

2007-10-18 11:16:46
I know what Francois means, but the verbal exhaustion seems to have set it much more with the Lightroom writers. Apart from one post that showed the same image with each WB preset (how fatiguing was that on the old grey matter?), twice in the last week we've had posts that amount to little more than advising you to take a break from editing and have a cup of tea. But thanks Simon, I never knew the Mac had a right click....
2007-10-18 11:33:28
At least it highlights one of my bugbears about Aperture. The dismal set of keyboard shortcuts it has, and unconfigurable shortcuts as opposed to PS. You can perform almost nothing in the Adjustments panel by keyboard. But at least you do important things like give star ratings with 1-5, right?