Clogging - expanded

by Matthew Langham

Earlier this week I introduced Calendar blogging (clogging) as the next step on the weblog path.

Yesterday Robert Scoble picked up on this and introduced the "clog:" protocol. Which in turn made me think.

Wouldn't it be really neat if I could post new dates, appointments to my weblog and link them with the "clog:" protocol. Then, would-be worshipers of my calendar could download my calendar and then subscribe to individual new items as I publish them.

ClogThis: Later this afternoon I will be at the recording of a German late night talker.

ClogThis: My Birthday. :-)

Apple, listen up.

What do you think of clogging and the clog: protocol?


2002-10-10 14:54:57
Clogging / iCal / Blogging
Hey there. Just noticed you were talking about this. I mentioned something similar shortly after iCal was released here: