Cluecon - Developers Telephony Conference

by Surj Patel

A shameless plug for Cluecon - if you're an active programmer / developer on voip systems you need to go to this conference ( And Etel of course! ) . First week of August this year in Chicago and its affordable. It's organized by open source telephony developers and activists. The Asterisk, Freeswitch, Bayonne, Open H323 crowd will be there. Quite literally that some of the smartest and brightest of the Voip developer world will be there and I can attest they love to share their code and their thoughts. I think roughly 80% of the worlds open source telephony projects will have their core teams all there. Last year was exciting with people from all parts of the world there (New Zealand, Turkey, Korea etc). This year will be better still. Etel and OReily is proud to be a media sponsor for them and support their dedication and passion. We'll be in attendance and hope to see you there as well.