Clusters and Grids: Cleversafe distributes data; Virtual Iron distributes OSes

by Andy Oram

There are a lot of applications left for clusters and grids to explore, as two companies I've talked to recently show.

Cleversafe: Better reliability and security by letting go of data

Cleversafe is commercializing a distributed storage technology that first showed potential back in the 1990s, and that was being widely discussed in 2001 when the peer-to-peer craze hit and people first talked seriously of monetizing the grid computing model of SETI@home. The Cleversafe approach is doubly interesting because it is distributed in two senses:

  • The data is stored on many systems, geographically scattered around the world to facilitate disaster recovery.

  • Responsibility for the system is distributed. Cleversafe provides only the technology (open source) and the service. Actual storage will be purchased from a variety of companies, so that no one entity has control over users' data.