CNET: Everyman's Supercomputer by Hassan Aref, dean of Virginia Tech college of engineering

by Alan Graham

I wrote a piece taking CNET to task for publishing a terrible commentary. It essentially negated the accomplishments of Virginia Tech, in building the third fastest supercomputer in the world, just to take a shot at Apple.

I got hundreds of emails in support of my piece. Many of you told me you contact CNET and pointed them to it. I then got a nice email from Dan Farber, VP of Editorial at CNET, who said he read it, thought it was fair, and forwarded it to those responsible for the original CNET commentary.

Today I see a new piece on CNET written by Hassan Aref, the dean of the college of engineering at Virginia Tech. I am happy to see they provided him with a forum to set the record straight.

It isn't a retraction, but it is better than nothing.

I'd like you to do a favor for me. I'd like you to point to the new CNET piece out there in the blogosphere. It would be good to get the word out before this piece goes unnoticed.