C|Net reviews Mozilla, and complains it isn't IE

by Bill Pena

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When Mozilla 1.0 came out, C|Net gave it a rather bizarre review, in which they harp on Mozilla's inability to render Internet Explorer-specific web pages. They claim that, since IE is the market leader, pages tailored for IE should be acceptable as Web standard; "That's reality," according to C|Net. That is absolutely insane, dangerous to the very structure of the Web, and biased toward Microsoft's market share and against the health of the industry.

Let's make this perfectly clear. There is one standards body for the Web. It is headed by the man who *invented* the World Wide Web, and its mission is to collect the best ideas of different companies, including Microsoft, Netscape, Sun, and research labs and universities, to foster the most useful, accessible and cohesive hypertext network possible. Microsoft is an enormous corporation, but they are not the owners, inventors or legislators of the Web. The W3C is the only standard that all browsers should follow, and anyone not writing web sites in standard HTML/CSS/XML/JavaScript takes on the reponsibility of alienating part of their audience and hindering the free exchange of free information. I wrote my book in part to show and prove this point, and C|Net is creating a huge disservice by propogating the idea that Microsoft-only extensions to open technologies should be followed merely because of Microsoft's size.

On a sidenote, they also criticized the IRC client "ChatZilla" for not being compatible with AOL Instant Messenger or any other IM services. Of course, they missed the point; IRC is a unique system incomparable with anything resembling a "Buddy List" or AOL's "Chat Rooms". Don't believe me? Check out the Quote Database - distilling disinformation for your comedic pleasure.

Should Mozilla and Netscape try to incorporate Internet Explorer-specific CSS or JavaScript extensions to make up market share, or should Mozilla follow its mission of complete W3C standards (CSS1 & 2, DOM 1 & 2, XML, XSLT, etc.) support?


2002-06-13 08:42:36
They don't get it
This is annoyingly similar to the quote that ran on Wired from the html coder who claimed that their expertise at getting around browser compatibility padded their paycheck. There was a great response to that on meyerweb.com (scroll down for the June 10 post).

2007-07-18 21:13:07
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