Cocoa API Reference Browser

by James Duncan Davidson

On the cocoa-dev mailing list today, I saw a post for a new tool for browsing the Cocoa documentation. It's called Cocoa Browser, it's currently at version 0.3, and it's released under the GPL.

Since I'm right in the middle of a book writing project covering Cocoa, I'm having to flip through the documentation all of the time. This program provides an easy way to browse the Cocoa libraries by class and method. In addition, you can even browse the functions and types of each of the Cocoa Objective-C frameworks. Need to remember what the fields are of the NSPoint structure? Just browse to Foundation-->Types and Constants-->Data Types-->NSPoint and the documentation pops right up.

It's fast and way more convenient to use than the HTML docs in a web browser. 12 hours later, and the program has become an essential part of my toolbox. Highly recommended for Cocoa programmers.