Code Version 2.0 by Lawrence Lessig Now Available; Now Live!

by M. David Peterson

Last Friday I made mention to the fact that I had been heads down working on various projects, the first of which would launch between then and Monday.

Today is Monday...

Lawrence Lessig

So Code v2 is officially launched today. Some may remember Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace, published in 1999. Code v2 is a revision to that book -- not so much a new book, as a translation of (in Internet time) a very old book. Part of the update was done on a Wiki. The Wiki was governed by a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. So too is Code v2.

Thus, at, you can download the book. Soon, you can update it further (we're still moving it into a new wiki). You can also learn a bit more about the history of the book, and aim of the revision. And finally, there are links to buy the book -- more cheaply than you likely can print it yourself.

Most important, however, as we come to the $185,000 mark of the CC fundraiser: All royalties from Code v2 go to Creative Commons, in recognition of the work done by those who helped with the wiki version of Code v1.

So there are maybe five people who have lived on this planet in whom I can state have truly inspired me and the directions I have chosen in my life. Lawrence Lessig is one of those five people, and in fact, is at the very top of that list. To have been able to work on this project (and several more to come) with Professor Lessig (the site development; I had *NOTHING* to do with writing the book ;)) -- well, as you can probably imagine, I'm pretty excited by it.

So here's the deal,

- Like each of his previous titles, Code Version 2.0 is absolutely outstanding!
- You can download, mix, mash, share, and in other forms are free to use the text of this title as you feel is best, as long as you license any derivative works under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license (by-sa)
- You can also purchase the title, and in doing so support the efforts of Creative Commons.

It really can be *that easy* when you *SKIP* the intermediary ;)

This truly is a fantastic title. If you do nothing else today other than download and/or buy and then read this book, you will be a better, more informed human being because of it. And with that,

Please share, and enjoy!


2006-12-11 09:26:24
Congratulations on your hard work mate!

This book will maje a good Xmas present. ;)

M. David Peterson
2006-12-11 11:34:46
Hey Sylvain,

Thanks! 'twas a fun project, for sure... Am looking forward to launching the others sometime in the not too distant future.

>> This book will maje a good Xmas present. ;)

Ahhh... I now better understand your previous comment in private email :D