CodePlex: Cache My Work

by Todd Ogasawara

Cache My WorkI revisited Michael Francisco's CodePlex Update blog post on the Port 25 site this evening and downloaded the Cache My Work utility on CodePlex. It lets you select currently running items to restart after a controlled reboot (on Patch Tuesday for example). For some reason, it saw IE7, Firefox, and Thunderbird but did not see Windows Explorer. It would be useful if it did and also keep your place on the directory tree. Perhaps the next version will. In any case, it looks like a useful utility for the next Patch Tuesday (or some other controlled reboot). Check out Michael's CodePlex updated project list for other projects that might interest you.


Mike Smith-Lonergan
2007-03-13 23:49:52
Thanks for your feedback - I'm hoping I'll be able to adequately address your concerns...