CodeZoo, a new O'Reilly site, launches

by Marc Hedlund

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A new O'Reilly site, CodeZoo, launched today. CodeZoo exists to help you find high-quality, freely available, reusable components, getting you past the repetitive parts of coding, and onto the rest and the best of your projects. As we say in the welcome letter, it's a fast-forward button for your compiler. (Okay, bad analogy. But work with me.)

Perl's CPAN has long been one of the best features of the Perl community -- a central service that provides easy access to tons of reusable code. Many other languages have plenty of free code, but no easy place to find it (short of Google). In the Java world, Apache Jakarta is the closest thing to CPAN, but it covers a limited set of components. CodeZoo is launching with a directory of Java components, and from there, we hope to move into other languages. Let us know where you think we should go next! (We've already gotten one request for Lisp...)

We're not focused on hosting developer projects, like SourceForge, nor on comprehensively listing all open source Java code. Instead, we've hand-selected a list of the components we think will be the easiest and best to use in your development projects -- whether you are an open source or commercial developer. CodeZoo lets you rate each component, and sort and select components that other users rate the highest. Your tips and code samples for using each component live right on the component page, making it easy to share hacks, workarounds, and optomizations that help you get more from the code. We want to help you find good code, and get to using it as quickly as possible.

Each component has a page containing links to O'Reilly Network articles and weblogs, Safari books (from O'Reilly and other publishers), conference presentations, and test and integration results from SpikeSource, our launch sponsor. We want to bring together all the material you need to get up and running with a component, and put it all on one page.

We hope you enjoy the site. Look forward more from this project -- we think you'll like how it grows.


2005-04-05 17:03:15
Jeez, exactly what I have been thinking about last few years
Hi There,

This is a great idea (not necessarily since I've also been thinking about it).

Related things

1) are you going to define a component model ? How coarse/fine grained should a component be ?

2) Unless some sort of a component/deployment model is defined, it is going to be tough for multiple projects to just drag and drop them into their projects.

3) preferably, there will be multiple ways to deploy the components.

4) a good IDE/tool to assemble a custom deployable component

5) Integration into IDEs through maven/ant for adding that component.

6) Licensing help -- a company could come out with an open-source/commercial licensing so that these components are useful in both commercial and open source setting.

7) This should take a chapter out of componentsource(and what was that company that sold itself with componentsource -- jboss used to sell their docs through this company) and make more useable versions available


2005-04-05 23:02:16
Jeez, exactly what I have been thinking about last few years
Thanks much for all the ideas! I think a lot of our future plans will make you happy.
2005-04-21 18:03:39
help integrate with maven
Might be cool to provide a maven proect.xml snippet so it can be integrated into a project