Coining A Phrase? Spot Dialing

by Brian McConnell

I've been testing the Nokia N80i (Internet Edition) for the past month or so. As I write this, I am at cafe in Buenos Aires. I have been trying to come up with a shorthand way to describe making a VoIP call from a wifi hotspot.

Voice over WiFi is too long, and too techy. So what about Spot Dialing? What do you think? If you like, pass it along.


Roger T
2006-12-07 08:46:19
"SpotDialing" not bad. Some other possibilities...."SpotCalling", "HotCalling",."CallFi"
Jim Tobias
2006-12-08 08:17:42
Wi-Dialing, or Wi-Di. sPOTS, like "wifi spot" + "POTS".