Collaborative, social... links!

by Bob DuCharme

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It seems like every new idea on the Internet these days is getting the buzzwords "collaborative" and "social" assigned to them. A Brazilian consulting firm has created a web page that brings distributed collaboration (thereby, I suppose, earning the adjective "social") to link creation: "co-links," which lets anyone highlight text that isn't link anchor text and turn it into a link. You can also add new link destination choices to existing links; link destinations appear on a pop-up menu that appears when you click a link anchor, so adding a new link destination choice adds it to the menu.

The URL above points to their English page describing the project. (A Português version of the web page is also available.) When I first looked at the demo page, the word "multidirectional" appeared as plain text, so I turned it into a link to a weblog posting I once wrote on ways to represent one-to-many links. I did this using Firebird on a Windows machine, and the pop-up menu that got created works just fine in IE on a Windows machine, in Safari on a Mac, and in Mozilla and Epiphany on a Linux box.

It's great to see one-to-many links implemented with pop-up menus that work so well on a variety of platforms. It's even better to see it implemented so that anyone can add new link destinations; try it yourself!