Come and Learn About Embedded Linux

by William Grosso

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So it all began on New Years's day. Like many people of a certain age, I no longer do the insane stay-out-all-night-on-new-year's-eve thing anymore. Instead, I do the casual get-together-on-new-year's-day-for-a-bit thing. I went to two get togethers this year. And, at both of them, I somehow got involved in conversations about Embedded Linux.


I mean, yeah, with the exception of the beard and T-shirt, I look like a software guy. And, yeah, in the heart of Silicon Valley, casual conversations, even with strangers, often have a technical bent to them. But ... still ... this struck me as impressive. Nobody had ever come up to me and started talking about Embedded Linux before. Twice in one day?

The only rational response was to try and get someone to talk at The Emerging Technology SIG. Fortunately, Rick Lehrbaum (editor of LinuxDevices) was ready, willing, and able. On February 10, he'll talk about the state of embedded linux. He'll be talking for a little over an hour (plus questions) on where embedded linux is today, and where it's going. If you're at all interested in where Embedded Linux is headed, and how it's going to get there, stop by and check it out.

What else should the Emerging Technology SIG be paying attention to?