Come One, Come All to Podcast Hotel

by Chuck Toporek

Seems like everyone and their dog either has a podcast or is thinking of getting into podcasting, so it only makes sense for their to be a conference around podcasting. Enter Podcast Hotel, a three-day podcasting and videoblogging (a.k.a. vlogging) event extraordinaire:

Dates: September 6-8, 2005

Location: Jupiter Hotel, Portland, Oregon

Not only am I happy that Podcast Hotel is being held in my backyard (I live in NE Portland), but I think this is a great opportunity for podcasters to get together, share ideas, learn from experts, and explore the next generation of blogging, vlogs. Here's what the website has to say about Podcast Hotel:

"Part happening, part workshop and part citizen media exercise,
the Podcast Hotel will explore all the aspects of podcasting. We're
turning the Jupiter - a fun and hip new hotel - into a podcast and
videoblog studio: rooms will be studios; the courtyard will be our
lounge (and the bar and restaurant our playground). Is podcasting
a revolution? Why is big media so fascinated with podcasting? How
do you podcast? What are the latest ways people are using podcasting
for their lives and work? This and more is what you'll find at the
Podcast Hotel."

For more information, visit the Podcast Hotel website.