Comics coming your way... fine-print included

by Dustin Puryear

Okay, this is funny. I just read a little blog by Jamie about ComicCon and saw a link to this site. Um. Okay. So I see a preview comic strip and then click it, as told (I’m quite the sheep), and then am asked to download Silverlight. Sigh. Great, another plug-in.

Why does everything require a plug-in?

Please, someone tell me.

Anyway, I’m a little crazy so I click the Download Silverlight link and then get the luxury of reading what is perhaps the shortest license I’ve seen in about a decade:

Well, that’s refreshing.

Oops. Except now I’m told I can’t “work around any technical limitations in the software” (which basically means I have to use the software as I’m told, at least if this could stand up in court).

At this point I give up.

Whatever happened to clicking on a link and seeing the latest Dilbert cartoon?

I’m thinking this comic strip is probably meant to showcase Silverlight, thus the requirement to download the plug-in, but, really...

At least give me an alternative URL option. ;)


2008-03-14 10:50:24
> Please, someone tell me.
> At least give me an alternative URL option. ;)

On the right sidebar: Non-sl experience.

2008-03-17 23:22:35
If you use a rss friendly browser (like Firefox), use the RSS URL:

That way if you missed several day's worthed, u get all of them at once (yeah I know, in reverse order)