Communications in the User-Centric Economy

by Bruce Stewart

Johannes Ernst explains why we need a user-centric models for identification, and how this change will impact the communications industry in our latest ETel article, Communications in the User-Centric Economy.

Time Magazine famously told us last December that we, the users, control the Information Age. It's a matter of some dispute whether that is indeed true already or only will be, but there is no question that user-centric technologies enabled by the Web—such as blogging, tagging, video sharing, podcasting, syndication, and others—have been causing a dramatic and accelerating shift of power and control from vendors to users.

What does this mean for communications? Nothing short of turning this multi-trillion-dollar industry inside out. Let me try to explain.

Click on through to Johannes' article for the goods. And if you're interested in these issues, don't miss the upcoming Internet Identity Workshop, May 14-16 in Mountain View, CA, at the Computer History Museum.