Compiling libmtp on the Mac

by Erica Sadun

I recently download the libmtp library source from Source Forge. This software implements Microsoft's Media Transfer Protocol, which has allowed me to peek at the Zune USB protocol, and which I post about copiously on the Digital Media Blog. (Hint: You'll need to also download and install libusb and libnjb as well.)

For anyone who might be interested in following in my example, a word of warning. I wasted an hour until I realized that you have to add -liconv to the libraries used in the Makefiles created by the configure program. This only affects libmtp. The libusb and libnjb files compiled and installed without any problem using the standard sequence of configure, make, and sudo make install.


2008-02-05 19:05:43
Hi, I know you did this a long time ago, but have you tried to take it to the next step and install mtpfs?