Computer glasses

by Tim O'Brien

How much does it cost to write a book? A good pair of eyes, a gaggle of late nights, and a little bit of sanity. Most importantly, proof-reading tiny text on a 17" eMachine Monitor did some serious damage. I had my first eye exam since last year, and my optometrist sends me away with "Computer Glasses". For those of you not familiar with "Computer Glasses", let me translate. "Computer Glasses" translates roughly to "Glasses for 29 year olds who use the computer way too much and who can't imagine wearing bifocals for at least another 15 years".

When I remember to use them, I find myself constantly switching between my "Computer Glasses" and my regular glasses. I program for an hour, something beyond a 5 foot radius interrupts me, and I get annoyed with all the optical context switching.

Enough with optical interfaces. I'm ready for a direct brain to USB interface.


2005-12-21 10:57:42
Computer Glasses
There are computer glasses available that are not bifocals and you shouldn't have to switch between two pairs as often - although, they aren't as cool as a direct brain USB interface.

One in your area is LensCrafters
Lincolnwood Town Center
3333 Touhy Avenue
Lincolnwood, IL 60712
(847) 675-8637, and ask for the Premimum PC Multi-focal. If you don't have a current prescription I would recommend having an exam at this office and ask for a computer vision exam to get the best possible prescription at the computer.

I have these glasses and love them and someone else I know says "these are even better than Haagen Daas icecream".

These glasses are definately less annoying than the first pair of computer lenses that I wore; which like you described, needed to be changed back and forth all the time.