Confessions of a Mac collector

by Giles Turnbull


Like a lot of people, I viewed Flickr user soyburger’s photo set, showing his basement full of stylishly-displayed retro Macs, and had to scrape my jaw back up from the floor afterwards.

And also like a lot of people, I wanted to know a little bit more about a person who would go to such lengths to collect and display old Macs. So I emailed soyburger (real name Jeremy Mehrl) to ask him to tell me more. Here’s what he said.


Jochen Wolters
2007-02-02 03:34:14
Makes you wonder what Jeremy's monthly energy bill looks like...
2007-02-03 00:45:08
I've just opted to build a basement too if ever I build a house ;-)
home office furniture
2007-11-26 07:59:28
I have the indigo slot loading model.. plus 6 other macs ;-) lol. Great photos!! What an awesome collection!!!

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