Connect iPod to 8 a Car?!

by David Battino


A reader writes, "I have a 30GB iPod with video. I have eight televisions in my vehicle. I was wondering is there a way I can link my iPod up with my TVs so the movies on the iPod would play through the screens."

Seems to me he'll just need a video distribution amp, though he may need to cascade a few to get that many outputs. Any recommendations?


2006-11-14 11:17:58
No ideas, but I think I saw his car in a car show this summer. Surely there wouldn't be more than one person who would load that many LCD screens into something like an Acura Integra!
2006-11-14 11:41:09
Yeah, I have a suggestion... Watch TV at home, watch the road when you drive.

Just a thought.

2006-11-14 11:57:52
I'm guessing this dude wanted to go further than that, and have each of the 8 screens watching a different movie. In which case he'd need to use the iPod as a drive with some monstrous video box.
2006-11-14 12:32:12
You can get plenty of 1 in, 8 out distribution amps, I got one of eBay for £20.
Pablo Pons Bordes
2006-11-14 13:06:58
if you have 8 tv, you have to make this question
those TVs are independent or watch the same video in all the TVs?
if you have the image probamily you have an aux video input in your video system controller (DVD player) and there is where you should connect your iPod, you can ask those properties to your car distributor or read the instruction.
Good luck
2006-11-14 16:08:16
I'm with erat. An idiotic proposal encouraged by more idiots.

2006-11-14 16:14:27
> Watch TV at home, watch the road when you drive.

The cry of everyone who hasn't had kids with them on an interstate drive. :-)

David Battino
2006-11-14 17:59:08
In a related tip, I just noticed this Mac Dev Center article on hacking the iPod video output.