Connecting a Pocket PC Database to MySQL

by Todd Ogasawara

Reader T.S. wants to know how to get data from a database on a Pocket PC to MySQL.
He writes:

how can I load pocket pc database records to mysql server through cradle?

Can you advice me how to do it? As my project is
to load pocket pc database records to mysql
through. thank you very much!

Unfortunately, T.S. doesn't say which database application he is using. And, the Microsoft Windows Mobile based Pocket PC does not include a native database application (Pocket Access was only available on the now defunct Handheld PC platform).
Here are a couple of thoughts.

  • If your Pocket PC database application directly supports ODBC, MySQL provides an ODBC connector for a number of desktop/server platforms that you can use: MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51 (MySQL ODBC Documentation).
  • If the PPC app does not directly support ODBC, you can always get the data to the desktop first and then use ODBC to get it to MySQL. Check for gotchas like single vs. double quotes for text fields. HanDBase, for example, requires the single quotes option to be chosen for a successful ODBC data transfer.
  • If you haven't selected a database application yet, check out Syware's Visual CE and mEnable.

Have other Windows Mobile Pocket PC to MySQL database data connection suggestions? Let us know.