Connections already starting at OScon

by Andy Oram

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The halls are still quiet as registration starts for the href="">O'Reilly Open Source Convention,
but at every turn (and there are lots of turns in these halls!) I run
into someone I know, and often a coworker I'm glad to meet.

One of the people I got acquainted with has just been hired by a
company doing Open Source development (so you see, at least one
company is hiring), and decided to come to the convention to meet the
leaders of his field. That suggests the convention is still a
significant force. And the expected registration of 1300, which is
pretty impressive in times when the stock market keeps slipping, also
suggests this is a good place to be. (Some of this 1300 number represents press and other non-paying, but
still valuable, attendees.)

More pessimistically, I also ran into a developer I had met in the old
P2P days, and we asked each other where were all the amazing new
collaborative, community-building applications we had anticipated to
arise in the movement. We concluded that most people were happy being
passive consumers after all. Maybe the revolution will arise