Conspicuous By Their Absence

by Chris Adamson

A few notable things weren't announced alongside new iPods today. Yeah, aside from the Beatles (let it go, old media, let it go)...


2007-09-05 22:09:30
So why are you being this vulgar in a blog post? Please expand your vocabulary so I don't have to reduce my blog reading of otherwise insightful and interesting content. I just hope this isn't the new oreilly trend.
2007-09-06 07:34:03
Perhaps the problem with games is Apple was never good at allowing developers to create them for iPods. As I recall, those invited in the club were very few at the initial offering.

And, yeah, this is just a blog, but posts above the college level language would be nice.

2007-09-06 09:36:19
You're right on the money. Good observations. Music is still the main point of the iPod. Video is getting bigger, but games are a tiny part.

Maybe Apple thought this issues didn't deserve part of the spotlight, since this was a "hardware" special event? Maybe they could be announced simply by a Press Release - which is more than the Mac Mini got.

I don't care what language you use, as long as you don't bore me. Keep up the good work.

PS - The animation additions to video content at the iTunes Store continue to rock.