Contributing to WebKit Pays Off

by Tom Bridge

David Hyatt is sharing the love today with regard to Open Source and WebKit development. Over the last seven months, many major contributions to the WebKit API have been made by the Open Source community and today Apple was sharing the love. They gave their top 12 contributors MacBooks and invited 5 to WWDC this summer. Nice move, Apple, that's good PR waiting to happen.


Small Paul
2006-02-10 10:38:16
Yeah, ain't it cool?

I knew I shoulda been a programmer...

Magnus Nystedt
2006-02-10 19:46:04
Apple should do more of this. They get "help" developing software and get on the good side of the open source community. Brownie points is always a good thing ;-) If Apple could round up the FOSS community like the Mac community, it'd be an unstoppable force... well, perhaps...