Copy After Settings to Before

by James Duncan Davidson

One of the things that really surprised me about my last post on the Inside Lightroom blog was how visually effective scrubbing through an image history is. I was amazed at how well it let me see the evolution of the photograph and I've since gone back and made some more tweaks to the photo based on what I saw. It'd be really nice to be able to easily scrub back and forth through your edits in Lightroom the same way you can in the movie I made. Of course, going and making a screenshot based movie for each photo edit session is a bit extreme, so I decided to dig a little deeper and how I could make what's already in Lightroom work better for me.


Mark Sirota
2007-08-28 11:00:33
Even easier, just right-click on any history state or snapshot, and choose "Copy ... to Before".

Also, you mean the backslash ("\") key, not the forward slash ("/").

James Duncan Davidson
2007-08-28 11:16:32
Mark: That's an awesome find. I'll add a screen shot for it. And yes, I got the slashes the wrong way on the write up. Fixed. Thanks.
2007-08-28 13:36:59

Thanks for the "history step" tip. This makes it easier to compare between successive edits.

The "\" key in a winxp machine toggles "before and after" in loupe view. If I set my comparison window to one of four options using the comparison window button in the toolbar, I can toggle between it and "after loupe view" using the "~" key. The "before/after left/right split" option can be really helpful on a horizontal landscape.

Mariano Kamp
2007-08-29 00:17:39
Cool, that's really helpful.

Just a pitty that \ ist Option+Shift+7 on a german keyboard.

Quick question for you: I always wondered how I can flip the orientation of a crop in the develop module. Say, I have a horizontal image and see a nice portrait in it that I want to extract as a vertical.
In the crop tool I need to unlock the aspect ratio preservation to make a vertical crop, but how do I get back to my original ratio, just reversed, i.e. 2:3 instead of 3:2.

How do you do that?