Copying Audio CDs with iTunes Revisited

by Peter Wiggin

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Rip A Few My Way and Quick Convert provide the best solution yet to the problem of duplicating audio CDs using iTunes.

I posed the problem a while back in this blog and received a decent amount of feedback and ideas from other users. Bruce Stewart provided the link to Doug Adams' Rip A Few My Way which I love.

This applet lets you import tracks from a CD using iTunes, but allows you to do so without having to change your preferences in iTunes. So if you normally rip MP3s you can use this script to import as WAV (or AIFF) files. Conveniently, Rip A Few My Way also creates a playlist of the just imported tracks, which you can then use to burn an original quality CD.

Doug recently posted a new script Quick Convert which you can then use to convert your WAVs to MP3s, eliminating the need to delete the WAV files and re-import the tracks as MP3s after you've finished burning the CD.

Its still a number of steps, and not as efficient as a simple disc copy would be (if that worked), but its the best solution I've found.

Do you have a better way to copy audio CDs? Let us know about it.


2002-12-13 14:22:38
Copying Audio CDs with iTunes Revisited
Have you tried cdd2waw instead of iTunes to read from CD and cdrecord -audio to burn? It's one step...
The tools are from cdrtoolls package.