Court: Canadian ISPs Don't Have to Reveal Customer's Identities For Downloading

by Steve Mallett

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Canada's Music Industry can go suck an egg. Well, that's how I would have put it. A court Canadian court put it differently. It ruled against the Canadian Recording Industry Association finding that Canadian ISPs do not have to reveal the identities behind file sharing nicknames.

"...the music companies -- through the Canadian Recording Industry Association -- had identified 29 people who had traded music online using services like Kazaa, but only by their online nicknames.

They wanted the Internet service companies like Sympatico, Rogers and Shaw to give them the real identities of the individuals so they could sue them for copyright infringement. They were seeking a court order requiring the companies to provide the information.

But they didn't get it, so the Internet companies don't have to identify their clients and the music companies can't proceed with their lawsuits."

I'm sure that won't stop them from trying something else...


2005-09-20 22:16:48
Does downloading hurt? Well, maybe those who download might want to ask my 6 year daughter that question. It is frustrating arguing the fact that it is simply stealing from artists, songwriters and producers of that album. The times of huge advances are no longer. Songwriters and producers do depend on the record sale for their income. The artist relies on this and earnings from concerts. If one enjoys music they are listening to, then pay for it. There are number of other sites to visit, you can pay per single. This way the artist does get paid for the work that they created. You may be getting something for free, but remember your not just stealing from the artist, but the family they are trying to raise.
2007-03-20 04:59:43 soma ktt