CPAN Module Review: KinoSearch

by chromatic

KinoSearch is a CPAN distribution that's a Perlish port of the powerful Apache Lucene search engine. (In one sense, it's a competitor to the earlier Plucene project.) Here's what I learned from playing with it one afternoon.


Marvin Humphrey
2006-03-10 00:53:51

Thanks for the faith, chromatic. I'm here to back you up:

KinoSearch 0.07 has just been uploaded to CPAN.

Mark Moseley
2006-03-20 13:52:08
The backslashes in the two scripts appear to have gotten eaten, even looking at the HTML source.

Neat article. This is cool stuff. Kudos to the KinoSearch guys!

Marvin Humphrey
2006-04-13 22:57:18
0.09 is on its way to CPAN. This release enables support for incremental indexing, and also implements your suggestion regarding the the Hits API -- now, if you don't call seek, it returns the top 100 docs by default. Thanks for the constructive critique.