CPAN Module Review: XML::XPathEngine

by chromatic

XML::XPathEngine is a Perl distribution that allows you to use XPath expressions to navigate tree-like data structures. Here's what I learned from experimenting with it.


Aristotle Pagaltzis
2006-03-04 00:38:45
XPath rocks.

As for decorating: maybe Class::Trait would have been what you needed?

Darren Chamberlain
2006-03-10 09:28:21
I know it was just an example, but for using XPath on POD documents, you could have used my Pod::XPath module, which I built a few years ago to address this exact situation.
2006-03-10 11:27:28

Aristotle, I probably would use Class::Trait if I were to keep this code and approach.

Darren, thanks for the pointer. Offhand, do you know if the module would work with PseudoPOD?