Create a Web Gallery in Aperture

by Allen Rockwell

This week I'm going to show you how you can create an online image gallery in only a few minutes. Aperture makes this so easy that you can probably create a gallery in less time than it takes to upload it to your server.

Last week while on my way to the MacWorld Expo I made a side trip to a place that is world famous in the geeky world of railroad fanatics (RailFans). The Tehachapi Loop is located (not too surprisingly) in Tehachapi California and it is a section of railroad that climbs through the mountains and at one point makes a fairly tight loop and crosses over itself (also known as a helix) as a means gaining altitude over a short distance. Railfans come from all over to see this place and take train pictures. About 23 years ago my good friend Carlos and I rented a Cessna 172 and I made the pilgrimage to train mecca and spent the day taking pictures ... so I thought after 23 years maybe it was time to revisit the site.

Now that I've made the return trip to Tehachapi and I'm back home I want to share the photo with my old friend Carlos. So, what better way than to create a web gallery and just send him a link to it.


Tim Molnar
2007-01-20 17:40:29
Galerie is a free, supported and very versatile online catalogue creation application.

thought you might want to check it out.

Allen Rockwell
2007-01-20 17:47:38
Thanks for the tip... however according to thier website "This program generates media gallery web pages from iPhoto, GraphicConverter, iView MediaPro, Extensis Portfolio 7 or from any set of pictures and/or QuickTime media files."

... No mention of Aperture, so it's of little use to someone with thier images in Aperture unless you want to export them first, an unnecesary extra step when Aperture already does it all from inside the program.

Tim Molnar
2007-01-20 23:08:04
I guess what I liked about galerie was I could code the .css files in the catalogue templates and to do whatever I liked. As well there are a wide variety of templates that people make available and you can set up comment section for the catalogue which lets you keep track of who is saying what.
I don't own aperture but for the needs I had which focused on sharing children's art work from around the world
this seemed a good solution.
Too bad it doesn't work out of aperture, though.
Don O'Shea
2007-01-21 11:08:25
Umm...the variation in the train color seems to be greater than expected for shoot under the same lighting conditions. (Gallery Image 1 at 1:14 and Image 5 just 17 minutes earlier) What happened?
Allen Rockwell
2007-01-21 11:22:31
The first image in the gallery was tonemapped with PhotoMatix Pro HDR software. Yes, it's quite different than the others, but I kind of like it.
2007-01-21 13:45:13
A very useful customisation trick is to add a unique word, like "emailtag", then once the gallery is exported do a simple search on "emailtag" and replace with the html:

LEFT BRACKETa href="">LEFT BRACKETfont color="grey">Fred FlintstoneLEFT BRACKET/font>LEFT BRACKET/a>

For the above to post correctly i substituted the symbol "<" wherever you see "LEFT BRACKET" - HTML syntax being cleverer than me in this post !

Now you get an email loopback from your gallery. This trick can also me used to add a clickable logo to the top, but this is more tricky to space correctly. Post Aperture feedback to let Apple know more flexibility is needed here.

2007-01-21 20:43:16
i personally find Aperture takes a rather long time to produce the web pages. A bit longer than what it takes to upload them!
Don't get me wrong, I love the templates and the flexibilty.
Gunnar Blöndal
2007-01-22 03:25:09
I want to create a whole website using Aperture and its webgalleries for ease and timesaving. An iWeb integration would be great to replace the existing horrible iWeb picture galleries. Lacking that I have used GoLive and iframes to make my site. (still under construction...!) But GoLive is bug ridden and not smooth to work with.
Does anyone have ideas for easy integration of Aperture webgalleries into a website?
I have tried the search and replace method, but its to much of a hassle...
Daniel Mendez
2007-01-22 07:10:37
One major feature that is lacking is to add a watermark to the images you are exporting to your gallery... unless I am missing something, there is no way to set this option like there is for the regular export options.