Create an iPod Video converter cable -- For Cheap!

by Erica Sadun

Of the various several portable devices that I regularly hook up to my TV using a standard 1/8th-inch to RCA cable, only the iPod uses a non-standard output configuration. It produces a video signal through what is normally the right audio channel. A few months ago on MacDevCenter, I wrote about connecting Video iPods to a television set by swapping around the RCA connectors. While this works perfectly well, it's a pain to reach behind the set and switch connectors every time I want to watch iPod video on the TV. So I built a converter cable instead.

This article describes the parts I used and the steps I took to put together this cable. From beginning to end, the project took about twenty minutes to construct and test. It cost about $4. It's slightly more if you count in the shipping and handling from parts supplier Mouser, even divided as it was among several projects. It's less if you've got a spare USB cable lying around the house.

Want to build this yourself? Make sure you're reasonably confident at wire-stripping and soldering. Those are really the only two skills involved.


2006-04-04 19:13:29
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