Create Flash files with Keynote

by Robert Daeley

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One of my favorite features of Apple's Keynote presentation software is the ability to export to a Flash .swf file. Head under the File menu, to 'Export...' A sheet will pop up with five options: QuickTime, PowerPoint, PDF, Images, and Flash. Choose Flash and hit 'Next...' to save it out. And that's all there is to it.

The reason I like it being able to throw the SWF file on a thumbdrive or one of my webservers, then either giving a presentation in person with nothing more than a web browser (with the Flash plugin, of course), or sending the link to someone for their own viewing.

And yes, the transitions you add between slides do work, which you don't get exporting as images.

One tip: I've found if you increase the size of the slides (either at the presentation creation step or later via the Document tab in the Inspector palette) to 1024x768, the resolution of the scaled Flash-based slides is much better.


2006-04-06 02:23:21
an advanced method to creat flash files, that is use Save Flash.

2006-05-15 02:15:23
No way to export my keynote presentation into Flash. Instead of spaces, I get "x" or " ". Do you know how to solve this problem?
2006-05-15 02:16:23
I meant "x" or "&x20;"